6 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE NXT UK (Nov 7)

Eddie Dennis debuts whilst Pete Dunne and Danny Burch delight...

Pete Dunne Danny Burch

WWE again gave two hours of Network time to NXT UK this week, and the decision again just about resulted in the overall experience being more satisfying.

If you’re reading this, you’ll already know that the Ups comfortably outnumber the Downs for this week’s United Kingdom showcase, but don’t entirely just this piece by its cover (no matter how megastar-like Pete Dunne looks in the image). It was a week of two halves on the British brand - the double-episode format actively bailed out a tepid second show after the first hour furnished the finest footage thus far.

The company haven’t yet announced if this will be the permanent arrangement for the show, though the amount of bottled footage they currently need to get out there suggests they might keep sprinting towards Christmas at least. A December judgment may be the ideal time to assess if this experiment warrants the company and roster luxurious gifts, or a big lump of coal.

Though, this week the big lump was yet again another huge treat...


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