6 Ups And 4 Downs From Last Night's Raw (April 17)

3. Back To The Well

miz maryse dean ambrose

At the top of the first hour, it was time for Miz TV featuring special guest Dean Ambrose. As good as The Miz has been and continues to be, the fact that Ambrose isn't exactly setting the world on fire and that this is a rehash of the feud from three months ago meant that things weren't looking good.

Miz started introducing Ambrose, but the Intercontinental Champion quickly interrupted him. This led to Miz dressing down Ambrose as not worthy of the championship, and Ambrose standing up for himself as not interested in talk shows or branding, just in kicking ass. Eventually, though, Ambrose silently took off his leather jacket and then attacked Miz. Maryse made the save, and after both men tried to hit their finishers, Miz ran off.

Miz was good here, but Ambrose was pretty much a parody of himself - silly antics and an impassioned speech about wrestling in front of 20 fans that came out of nowhere. The part where he took his jacket off also felt odd and stilted. Hopefully, this program doesn't last too long, because there's really nothing new about it.


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