7 Awesome Wrestling Matches (That The Critics Hated)

Five-Star Fun.


Your writer makes no apologies for his admiration of the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.

Some view his controversial star rating system as a mechanism with which to criticise WWE, directly or otherwise, when it is best approached as a shortcut to the wider wrestling world's immense riches. Meltzer was ahead of the curve for years and years, celebrating and rewarding the incredible Japanese scene of the 1990s, and thus allowing Western fans an inroad into the King's Road. His criteria accounts for and rewards in-ring action, innovation, heat, and the difficulty and storyline suitability of the moves deployed. And, most controversially, the criteria has historically rewarded danger, with any written moralistic caveat dwarfed by the shower of stars.

That criteria however doesn't cover flat-out, full-on fun.

Meltzer, you suspect, is not a man who enjoys a guilty pleasure. Some WhatCulture employees, who will remain nameless, pop big time at the sight of Jimmy Del Rey's version of the grind, which they'd watch over Sable's any day. Some deem Kevin Nash the best in-ring talent the New Generation had to offer. Some are as quick to kiss the ring hand of Takayuki Iizuka as he is to bite yours off.

Meltzer, criticised unfairly as a New Japan Pro Wrestling acolyte as opposed to a journalist who covers them, cannot even allow himself the utter glory that is Toru Yano...


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