7 Big Questions Raised By GFW's Latest Financial Meltdown

More hearsay, or is the end finally nigh for wrestling's most beleaguered promotion?


It hasn't been a good week for Global Force Wrestling.

News that the company had placed Chief Creative Office Jeff Jarrett on an indefinite leave of absence first broke on Tuesday afternoon. This was followed by reports suggesting parent company Anthem still hadn't finalised the merger that rebranded Impact Wrestling as GFW back in June, and that if Jarrett left, he'd take his Global Force trademarks with him.

Things got worse on Wednesday, when Sports Illustrated claimed GFW was "haemorrhaging funds," and Anthem were looking to leave the wrestling business. Anthem balanced this by releasing some positive news on their future plans later in the day, but they couldn't quell the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the reports.

Such situations are nothing new for the promotion. Whether operating as TNA, Impact, or GFW, they've been plagued by mismanagement throughout their 15-year existence, leaving Anthem with the mess they're currently in today. There's no doubt that some of these new reports were exaggerated, but such bad PR is the last thing the company will have wanted after eight relatively stable months at the helm.

Let's take a look at the issues raised by this tumultuous week.

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