7 History Lessons AEW Could Learn From TNA

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it...

AEW Double Or Nothing
All Elite Wrestling

Between the AEW rally, the signing of major stars like Chris Jericho, the possible capture of Kenny Omega, Double Or Nothing on 25 May and the significant financial backing afforded by the Khan family, everything looks rosy in All Elite's garden.

That's remarkable considering the promotion hasn't even run a show yet. Though they've barely got started on their bold vision to be a worthwhile alternative to the long-established status quo in WWE, Cody did reveal some of AEW's battle strategy in a recent interview with ESPN.

According to him, All Elite will learn from his father Dusty's work as booker in Jim Crockett Promotions and as Executive Producer in WCW. As smart as it is for the company to analyse everything Rhodes did well, Cody claims they'll also look at his mistakes. That's doubly smart, and yet AEW need not dip too far into the history books for guidance.

No, they can look at the errors in judgement Impact Wrestling has made since launching in 2002. For every brave step or good move TNA has tried, there's been an alarming volley of mistakes to go along with them. That, perhaps more than the NWA days, is something All Elite can learn from...


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