7 Horrific Injuries Wrestlers Suffered Outside The Ring

Broken bones, paralysis, infections and EXPLODING faces.

Lita Trish Stratus Raw 2004

Listen to pretty much any pro wrestler discuss their job and prepare to hear tales of endless hard work, countless miles travelled, incredible skill and the very-real danger that they could, without hyperbole, be fatally injured every single time they step foot inside the ring.

The most famous injuries include Steve Austin's broken neck at SummerSlam 1997, the torn quadriceps Triple H worked through in 2001 (a tear that happened again in 2007) and the paralysing bump Darren Drozdov suffered in 1999. All of those took place in a WWE ring. The ones listed here didn't.

They happened outside it.

Those with a weak stomach should steer clear of grisly details like those about infected fingers, gruesome arm breaks, amputations and the rather striking mental image of someone's "face meat" crushing their mouth and forcing them to hold open the hole so they could breath. Yikes.

Sometimes, when they're not doing everything they can to protect co-workers and themselves in the ring, wrestlers are subjected to horrific injuries in their everyday lives that would make hair stand on end. Just ask Brutus Beefcake about his experiences...


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