7 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (March 17)

The one where Kevin Owens is squashed by two part timers and Daniel Bryan channels Monica Geller.


Who is the most deluded wrestling personality out there?

Bruce Prichard is a notorious fantasist, a reputation he has reinforced with the twaddle spouted on his Something To Wrestle podcast. The man takes credit for everything - the 1994 feud between Bret and Owen Hart was his idea, he'll have you know - but is widely recognised as an absolute chancer. According to Simon "Nova" Dean, Bruce once suggested Roadkill as a WrestleMania opponent for the Undertaker which, if true, speaks to his wrestling "acumen".

Buff Bagwell once claimed that fans would have rather seen him team with Sting in TNA than the "fat and out of shape" Samoa Joe, a man who "never drew a dime," as if Bagwell himself wasn't a hanger-on at best in the 1990s. Vince Russo still maintains that putting the WCW World title on David Arquette was a good idea. He is also incapable of acknowledging the many, many, many mistakes with which he torpedoed two of the most well-financed wrestling organisations on the planet.

All were made to look positively sane this week, mind, in the face of a dual deluge of absolute horesh*t...


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