7 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (May 12)

Billion Dollar Peasant.


Who is the most over heel in wrestling today?

The Miz generates heat whenever he shows up on WWE television. His is a punchable face, and his in-ring work is just limited enough for fans not to turn him face as a gesture of respect. Kevin Owens evokes similar sentiments. His sociopathic, passive aggressive villain might be too exciting in the ring to truly resonate, but he's an arch audience manipulator, nonetheless. Neville, conversely, actively scales back the more spectacular moves in his arsenal to elicit jeers - but he's mostly marooned on the 205 Live island, and thus isn't as over as he damn well should be.

As if to prove that the heel art is effectively lost, Braun Strowman can attempt to murder the promotion's top babyface and still receive cheers at his expense. Heels can't be heels because the jig is up. It doesn't matter that Strowman tipped an ambulance over with Reigns inside of it. He holidayed with him at the Roman Coliseum weeks later, revealing that he was only play-fighting. Aww.

Pro wrestling in 2017 is polished, contrived and almost entirely removed from the real sports framework under which it used to operate. It's little wonder that the most over heel isn't even part of the business...


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