7 Most Pathetic Examples Of Backstage Politics In Wrestling

Sometimes the most devasting finishers are executed backstage.


Wrestling has always defined its own boundaries and laws - it has to. In truth nothing else combines scripted content with real life action to create this kind masterful madness. However because it is made from these two, seemingly immiscible parts, there have always been cases of backstage matters interfering with the final product. A lot of times, it’s for the very worst and we are forced to witness some truly horrendous things that should have never been greenlit.

Throughout the years, we have seen countless cases of big stars and company officials using their influence to negatively impact others. Whether it’s burying a rival who could be a threat to your spotlight or refusing to comply with certain creative decisions or even clashes over love interests and adultery, the world of wrestling has never run out of sources of beef between competitors.

While a lot of these have had little to no long term consequences, others would shatter ties and change the very landscape for years and years to come. There’s never a bad time for some retrospective analysis. With that in mind, these are the seven worst instances in the world of wrestling where backstage politics got way out of hand.

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