7 New WWE Signings Unveiled In New Performance Center Class

An ex-UFC fighter and two former Impact champions highlight WWE's new acquisitions.


WWE's absurdly deep talent pool might be bursting at the seams at the moment, but don't expect the company to curb their recruitment efforts anytime soon.

Vince McMahon and co. are currently in full-on expansion mode. They've rarely been so aggressive when it comes to pursuing new talent, and with the success of events like ALL IN and New Japan's ongoing United States expansion spurring them on, they're in the market for anyone they deem a potential game-changer. If anything, the tide of new faces joining the Performance Center is only going to get stronger heading into 2019.

July saw the likes of indie technician Deonna Purrazzo, Japanese joshi sensation Io Shirai, and the spectacular Keith Lee join the PC. Each has since made their presence felt on WWE television, though NXT's roster depths means each will need to be patient before making a major mark.

Now, WWE have unveiled a brand new Performance Center class highlighted by an ex-UFC fighter, two former Impact Wrestling champions, and a third generation luchador. Some of these talented men and women were signed months ago, but none were officially unveiled until yesterday. Let's run trough them...


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