7 Possible Consequences If WWE Crown Jewel Goes Ahead

The cons heavily outweigh the pros.

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WWE are, if anything, defiant - but to a fault. A fault that, with remarkable frequency, is to their detriment, whether it's sticking to their guns over failing talent or plunging cash into obviously abortive projects such as film studios and football leagues. It's often idiotic, but somehow, almost admirable.

The company's latest decision to dig their heels in is anything but. In fact, it's downright disturbing.

WWE were widely criticised for bringing their product - without women - to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia earlier this year, signing a ludicrously lucrative contract in exchanged for a four hour long propaganda piece. It was without question one of the darkest days of the industry.

The criticism didn't register - or didn't matter - and the promotion have forged ahead with the partnership, scheduling a second event, Crown Jewel, for Riyadh this November.

Since then, the situation has got worse - much worse - following the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, presumed to be at the hands of Saudi security officials. The subsequent scandal has resulted in widespread condemnation of the ruling regime, with a host of major companies severing similar ties with the Saudis.

WWE, despite calls from as high as the US Senate, have remained firm. $45 million is a lot of money for one show - but it comes with a pretty high tax. Is it worth it?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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