7 Reasons The British Bulldog Must Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame 2017

Time to honour Davey Boy Smith...


It’s coming to that time again. It’s a new year and WrestleMania is fast approaching. And we know what that means; superstars of past and present will throw on their snug fitting tuxedos and honour a specific selection of icons in the world of sports entertainment at the WWE Hall of Fame.

Debate will always rage on about who should be inducted. It’s always a fun (and often heated) discussion to have with fellow wrestling fans. Everyone has their favourites, and mounts their cases for who they think must be part of the illustrious list of Hall of Famers.

It can get depressing when you start to chart who is in the HoF, and who is missing. ‘If Rikishi's in, surely Owen Hart should be in?’ I hear you scream.

Obviously the decisions are political, and naturally will reflect the current favour, direction and desires of the WWE. This year though, there is one man who simply MUST be inducted.

That man, is the late, great, Davey Boy Smith, aka the British Bulldog. And here’s why...


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