7 Reasons Why You Need To Start Watching WWE Again

Gave up on WWF WWE years ago? Here are 7 reasons why you really ought to be tuning back in.

Matt Robinson


Gave up on WWF WWE years ago? Here are 7 reasons why you really ought to be tuning back in.

7. Every other RAW is a 3-hour special

Vince McMahon’s decision to start the brand extension changed the Wrestling business forever. With the company having too much talent to show case in one show, Vince decided it was best to separate the WWE in to RAW and Smackdown. As Raw dominated the WWE it was clear that Smackdown was always the 2nd brand.

Most of the fans that stopped watching the WWE did so because they were bored of the new talent. Fans wanted to see the stronger talent and with both Austin and The Rock leaving, the WWE seemed empty.

Vince McMahon decided to create a new show called NXT and as well as this merged RAW and Smackdown superstars and allow them to feature on other shows. This partial merge between brands brought in a new RAW, a 3 hour special RAW Supershow which airs nearly every other Raw. The WWE is now showcasing their biggest superstars on both shows whilst giving the youth a chance to prove their worth.

6. Jericho is back

For those of you like me, I prefer the older generation superstars. I loved watching The Rock, Kurt Angle, The ‘Bad Ass’ Undertaker, Masked Kane and Steve Austin. Although one superstar was has returned a few times to ‘save us’ is Y2J, Chris Jericho. The ‘Best in the world at what he does’ returned late last year to feud with C M Punk, which has led to a fresh rivalry with collided at Wrestlemania 28.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge fan of the new superstars, Orton, Cena, Punk, Ziggler and Rhodes. Yet, there is something exciting about seeing Jericho back In the WWE.

5. The youth has never been stronger

The WWE’s youth has been increasingly stronger in recent years. Vince’s decision to bring the new NXT show led to a huge summer blockbuster of a rivalry between John Cena and the Nexus.  The Nexus became a stable that was hell bent on making a statement in the WWE. The rivalry led to creating new superstars such as Wade Barret and David Otunga.

As well as the Nexus, the WWE have new talent such as Sin Cara, Alex Riley, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. I understand for someone who hasn’t watched the WWE for about 10 years will find it difficult to adjust but you will be surprised how much the newer generation can remind you of the good old attitude era.

 4. The Rock will be coming and going

For those of you who didn’t tune into the latest Wrestlemania (WM 28) you might not have know that The Rock had returned to face John Cena. This feud began months before last years Wrestlemania, where The Rock returned to become the Wrestlemania host. Whilst he was in and out of the WWE, he began a feud with John Cena. The match was planned a year in advance. Now that match is over, The Rock announced only yesterday that one day he will be the WWE Champion again, suggesting that he will be back every now and again.

3. Lesnar is back!!

‘Here comes the pain”, any WWE fan knows of Brock Lesnar! Having retired from the UFC, speculation began late last year that he would return to the WWE. Sources suggested that Wrestlemania was the moment Lesnar would return. Although as we reported on the site, Lesnar was set to return last night on Raw. The former undisputed champion and UFC heavyweight champion lifted the roof with his appearance. It looks like after F5’ing John Cena that Lesnar his here to claim his position as one of the main men in the WWE.

2. An Austin/Vince relationship still exists

Many people who watched the attitude era will remember the classic segments between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chairman Vince McMahon. The feud of 2012 looks like it will include the new GM of Raw and Smackdown, John Laurinaitis and the WWE Champion C M Punk.  C M Punk’s attitude is similar to Austins and with Laurinaitis stating his authority just like Vince once did. You can easily compare the two on going rivalries.

1.Everyone hates Mr PG

John Cena, the main man in WWE, the guy who is always on top In WWE is now hated by the majority of audiences around the world. With The Rock pleasing fans by defeating Cena at Wrestlemania and with Lesnar F5’ing Mr PG the WWE seem to be giving fans exactly what they want. Fans have started to boo Cena, they apparently want a fresh heel rather than a plain simple babyface he has always acted. So if you hate Cena, you might want to watch the next big thing’s return to fued with Mr PG.


So if any of you know someone who needs a reason to start watching the WWE again, share this and give them seven reasons.