7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 1997

One of the most controversial Rumble matches ever.

The 1997 Royal Rumble was the tenth time that WWE held the annual January event. By this point, it had really gained a lot of momentum as one of the most important matches in the year. We had seen so many scenario for the end of the match and we knew how important it was to win because the winner was guaranteed a shot at the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. If only it was that simple. The 1997 Rumble changed things a lot. It was a time when WWE had started to gain some momentum. Thanks to the huge roster turnover that they went through in the previous two years, you could tell that things were headed in the right direction. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin became a huge star in 1996 as a heel that didn't back down from anybody and built up a huge rivalry with Bret Hart. Others were moving up the ranks too, but Austin had something special about him. It was only a matter of time until he became a top guy. There was a huge WWE Title match on the show as hometown hero Shawn Michaels challenged Sycho Sid for the gold. WWE really drove home the point that the show was in San Antonio and they had hoped that the Alamadome would sell out. The 10th Royal Rumble event took place in San Antonio, Texas on January 19, 1997. Here are the results from that show. 1. Intercontinental Title: Hunter Hearst Helmsley d. Goldust to retain the title 2. Ahmed Johnson d. Faarooq by disqualification 3. Vader d. The Undertaker 4. El Canek, Hector Garza & Perro Aguayo d. Fuerza Guerrera, Heavy Metal & Jerry Estrada 5. Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble 6. WWE Title: Shawn Michaels d. Sycho Sid to win the title Here are seven things you should know about the 1997 Royal Rumble.

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