7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 1988

6. The WWF Women's Tag Team Titles Were Defended

Women's Tag Team Titles? In WWE? A lot of WWE fans probably have no idea that they even had women's tag titles in WWE, but it's true. They did. The Women's Tag Team Titles were originally in the NWA, but then WWE bought them in April of 1984. The duo of Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria were the first Women's Tag Team Champions. The titles lasted until they were retired in 1989 probably because WWE didn't have much of a women's division at that point anyway. The match at the 89 Rumble featured the Jumping Bomb Angels (Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno) defeating the champion Glamour Girls in a 2 out of 3 Falls match that went 15 minutes. Could you imagine something like that in WWE today? Not a chance. It was actually really good too. They were doing a lot of exciting moves especially for 1988. I just re-watched the show for this article and I had totally forgotten about it. The Angels won with a double missile dropkick. Women in long matches on PPVs. What a concept. Maybe WWE should try that in 2015. Don't bet on it.

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