7 Ways WWE Can Reintroduce Dean Ambrose

7. As A Babyface On SmackDown

Dean Ambrose Smackdown

Dean Ambrose was a RAW superstar when he got injured, and it is most likely that he will return to Monday nights following his recovery. The flagship show is undoubtedly top heavy with talent, however, and it proved difficult for Ambrose to move out of the midcard during his run on RAW. Not many superstars have gone backwards following the Superstar Shake-Up like Ambrose, and that is through little fault of his own.

SmackDown Live suffered immensely in 2017, and some of that misery can be attributed to Ambrose’s move to RAW. While on the blue show, both Ambrose and the Tuesday night program felt more important than they had in a long time. They complimented each other, whether it was through more focus on Dean or the increased star power he provided.

WWE has shown in the past that is isn’t afraid to press reset and go back to the last thing that worked, and that could be one way to reintroduce Dean Ambrose. Would it be a disappointing return? Undoubtedly, but if Ambrose could help get SmackDown on its feet again, then all would be forgotten.


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