7 WWE Stars One Tweak Away From PERFECTION

That same rebellious spirit of the original ECW would make Becky 'Relent-Lass'...

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of the best in-ring performers this or any other generation has seen. He is, and he has been since he was tearing it up against Austin Aries, Davey Richards and others back in his ROH days. In the decade since, Rollins has done things young Tyler Black could only dream of, and yet there's room for improvement.

This isn't a typical warning shot fired towards WWE creative, so rest easy. There's criticism, sure, but it's not without merit. All that's being asked is for the writers to show a little more focus with those (like Rollins) on the roster who could be even better than they already are if they weren't booked to trip up or rely on others.

There's also some commentary on the problems that come with ignoring heartfelt fan responses when they are the lifeblood of any genuine success in pro wrestling. That's true in two specific instances, and they're worth examining.

Striving for perfection in any walk of life is something to be admired. That perfection is only a hair's breadth away for the following...

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