8 HUGE WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Predictions You Need To Know

Golden Opportunities


Following Kurt Angle's unexpected wrestling return in October and an entire November to remember with the Survivor Series build, WWE has unfortunately reverted to type with a December to forget.

Intriguing things are afoot on the blue brand, with a continuation of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn's irritation of Shane McMahon carrying enough clout to justify a tag team main event for the last supercard of 2017. Yes, the highest stakes on a card called 'Clash Of Champions' relate to how two referees will behave in a match with no titles on the line. But whilst this would ordinarily be an indictment of the treatment of the straps, it instead merely reflects the overall malaise currently permeating through the blue brand.

The Champions in question are largely in rude health, with AJ Styles, Charlotte, Baron Corbin and The Usos inarguably the rightful stewards of their respective divisions. However, the company have played fast and loose with all the belts in recent times, and it seems highly unlikely that at least one won't change possession as the company looks to end the year on some sort of artificial high.

The company as a whole looks a little in need of a holiday rest, but there's none forthcoming. The Tuesday gang won't be required to work Christmas Night like their Raw counterparts, but they'll lose half the occasion travelling to the Boxing Day SmackDown. Gifts all round for fans then, but can any B-grade pay-per-view really be just what you always wanted?


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