8 Mistakes WWE Have Already Made With Jason Jordan's Push

From American Alpha to anti-climax and antagonism.


Jason Jordan has often been referred to as an underutilised player since his arrival on WWE's main roster. Before it happened, if you had informed the fanbase that Jordan was on the verge of receiving a significant push, you would mostly have been met with positive reactions, so it might be to the bewilderment of some that his elevation has been so poorly received.

Pushes are delicate things to handle. Countless Vince McMahon experiments have fallen by the wayside, never escaping the midcard (or lower) despite clear care and attention from those running the show. Billy Gunn's exit from the main event scene was as quick as his ascent. Jinder Mahal is mostly only tolerated as champion due to frustration and ironic, detached enjoyment. Baron Corbin has been supposedly the next big thing on SmackDown for months, but he hasn't won a singles PPV match in 2017.

Attempting to push Jordan by revealing him as Kurt Angle's secret illegitimate son was a bold move, to say the least. It's a storyline that feels out of touch with modern sensibilities, but given his popularity and widely acknowledged untapped potential, it could equally be seen that any vehicle designed to get him over is a welcome one.

Given the lukewarm reaction he's received so far, it's clear to see that there's already been a whole host of issues with how WWE have attempted to boost Jordan's standing in the company.

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