8 Things You Didn't Know About WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne

You won't believe how humble the 'Bruiserweight' really is...

pete dunne uk title

Looking skyward and wearing a familiar grimace fans of the UK independent circuit have grown to know and love, Pete Dunne became the second ever WWE United Kingdom Champion by beating real-life pal Tyler Bate at NXT Takeover: Chicago.

Both men have been through a lot together, embarking on quite the journey since early days together in companies like Progress, Attack, and WCPW. Since then, Dunne has earned praise from some of the biggest names in wrestling, including legends like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jim Ross, and even Steve Austin.

Just like those men, there's more than meets the eye with Pete Dunne as a person. Away from the cameras, he's every bit as fascinating as he is in front of them. At only 23 years of age, Dunne's story is one that's only just beginning...

8. He's Vegan

Pete Dunne Pancakes Instagram

It can't be easy to maintain a Vegan diet when out on the road wrestling every week. Most wrestlers have to make do with McDonalds or those dreaded service station sandwiches, but then not many come as prepared as Pete Dunne. Preparation is key to Dunne's lifestyle choice.

Choosing to avoid all animal products will be a bit easier now Dunne is under the WWE banner. It'll take a load off his mind that the promotion's catering will provide more options than the 'Bruiserweight' has ever had too, because those late-night gas station runs won't seem as essential or painful.

Dunne has been Vegan for years, a diet he has turned other wrestlers like Tyler Bate and Travis Banks onto. Coming up with fresh recipe ideas is something the guy is incredibly passionate about, something revealed by a quick look at his Instagram or Twitter pages.

The traditional view that meat is critical to building a wrestler's physique should be put to bed in 2017. Pete Dunne proves that.


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