8 Times Major WWE Champions Were Forced To Vacate Titles

6. Batista Vacates World Heavyweight Championship Through Injury - January 2006

Back in 2006, Batista was on an outstanding run as World Heavyweight Champion. He had surpassed Triple H's record reign as champion - which had stood at 280 days. He was champion for over nine months, and was only forced to drop the belt in this instance due to an unfortunate injury. Batista was in the midst of a minor feud with several superstars, including The Miz and Mark Henry. And it was the latter of those two men that ultimately caused Batista to vacate the belt, as an accident a live event caused Batista to suffer an arm injury. He vacated the belt on a taping of SmackDown in January 2006, and Kurt Angle became the next holder of the belt, winning a battle royal on the very same night to become World Heavyweight Champion.

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