8 Times WWE Rewarded Its UK Audience

Because WWE hasn't always served up the dross seen on its recent UK tour.


Hot on the heels of two absolutely abysmal UK showings from WWE, what better time to reflect on those times when the company actually delivered something truly special for their British fans?

As somebody who was in attendance for the recent Manchester Arena tapings of SmackDown and Raw, it's without even a shred of exaggeration to say that it was a painful, draining experience. Sure, seeing WALTER and Imperium turning up was always going to be a major plus point, but the rest of that five hours of WWE content was shockingly bad - to the point that Russo Era WCW similarities were being made.

It's not always been this bad, of course, and WWE has often rewarded its UK fans with memorable moments and matches that are still revered to this day. Right now, though, it's a little hard to reminisce about those great times when it's so hard to get through the current WWE product, period, let alone the programming that's showcased in front of UK audiences.

As wrestling fans continue to wash the bad taste of these most recent WWE UK shows out of their mouths, let's take a look at those times when WWE served up something genuinely fantastic for its British audience.


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