8 Ways WWE Have Already Been Worse Than WCW In 2019

8. The Wild Card Rule


After another set of disastrous Raw and SmackDown ratings ruined the mornings of many a staffer in Stamford this May, Vince McMahon went into full-on panic mode, as Network partners demanded an improvement - and fast. The following Monday, the chairman personally introduced the dwindling WWE Universe to the 'Wild Card' rule, which would allow up to three superstars to migrate brands per week.

Or something. The slapdash loophole wasn't very thoroughly explained; by the end of the night, its apparent stipulations had already been contravened. The 'teething problems' could perhaps have been narratively justified as talent coming to grips with them, but nope: the completely haphazard application continued into the next week... and the next.

All the while, live business was being sacrificed as SmackDown house shows were slashed left, right and centre to accommodate the 'unexpected' interlopers. What's worse, there's been no appreciable improvement to ratings, as the same faces cropping up repeatedly has totally undermining any illusion of spontaneity. If anything, throwing continuity completely out of the window in such a reckless manner has tuned even more viewers out. After all, what's the point of watching if none of it matters?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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