8 Wrestlers The Rock Couldn't Get Over

8. Roman Reigns


If only wrestling was as easy as Vince McMahon thought it would be at the 2015 Royal Rumble.

The finish to the titular match wasn't quite as harebrained as it appeared on the surface, but it was perhaps even more irritating. McMahon was aware that The Big Show and Kane were personae non gratae amongst the fandom, and dispatched them to kill our darlings, in slow motion, in the hope that anybody - even Roman Reigns - would get cheered for vanquishing them.

McMahon knew the transparency of this approach, so added a further layer of window dressing by sending The Rock out there to come to Roman's rescue. The deathly quiet swelled to a pop as Rock laid waste to the dinosaurs - but the excitement dissipated the second he raised Roman's hand in victory. This contrived endorsement fell brutally flat - so much so that even Rock, by this point a trained Hollywood actor, involuntarily let the mask slip. The cucumber-cool Rock was so shaken that his expression of shock - even insecurity - underlined the folly. He almost looked concerned for his own brand.

McMahon was aware of the sentiment; he just couldn't help himself.


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