8 WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 Results Predictions

8. Rousey Gives Bliss Kiss Of Death


Theoretically, this rubber couldn't be deader if it were a Michelin Man massacre. But this is WWE we're talking about, and already they're hard at work dismantling Ronda Rousey's innate, irreplaceable aura. She's been forced to sell, forced to show weakness, forced to not get revenge, but get even - Even Steven.

Given the nature of Rousey's victory over Bliss at SummerSlam, anything besides a repeat is utterly ludicrous. The one snag is Natalya, but it's surely too soon after her father's passing to ask fans to boo her. WWE are sensitive like that.

Prediction: Ronda breaks Alexa within a minute, so help us God.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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