9 Best Supernatural WWE Gimmicks

Wrestlers who turned to the dark side.

Professional wrestling has a long and storied history with strange gimmicks. There's no idea too ridiculous to have a related costume and ring name created especially for it. They've had musicians, race car drivers, military personnel, models, rich a-holes, and even clowns who strap on a pair of wrestling boots.

But one of the most cherished character types in the history of wrestling has been that of the mysterious, supernatural being.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and beliefs. They might be human practitioners of the dark arts or undead monsters with a persistent ability to harness the type of magic only instilled in those who've seen "the other side." Whatever their individual background, there's no doubt that these demons and ghouls and zombies are always highly entertaining.

For the sake of this list, restlers who have only dabbled in the spectral side of things will be omitted so apologies to Edge, Christian, and anyone who showed up in The Ministry of Darkness for their requisite hour.


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