9 Ways To Introduce Shinsuke Nakamura To WWE Roster

A call-up for the NXT star is rumored to be imminent...


This time of year the wrestling rumor mill is churning with news of which NXT talents will be the next to join the main roster. Previous reports had former champion Shinsuke Nakamura remaining with the developmental brand indefinitely with no plans to bring him up, but now the word is making the rounds that he'll be debuting on one of the big two shows sooner rather than later.

Now that Bobby Roode has settled into his role as NXT champion and figurehead, it gives WWE the freedom to call the ageing Japanese superstar up to the big leagues. He doesn't have a lot of prime years left, and he didn't leave Japan and his immense popularity there behind to stick around the WWE's B-league, no matter how popular he is among their fanbase.

So now that Nakamura's debut seems to be on the horizon, it's time to take a look at the possible methods WWE could use to introduce him to their larger audience. Only a small percentage of the company's viewership watches NXT with any regularity and if he's to be successful, the best thing to do is to bring him in with as big of a bang as possible.

That "if" is conditional. His debut might not go as has hardcore following has in mind...


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