Abbey Laith Released From WWE NXT Contract

Former Mae Young Classic competitor heads latest developmental releases.

Abbey Laith

Abbey Laith has been officially released from her WWE NXT contract, according to a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin.

The company are yet to confirm the departure themselves, but the rumours started swirling yesterday afternoon, with WWE informing Laith of their decision on Wednesday. The reasons behind the departure aren't yet known, but the former Kimber Lee has already reacted on Twitter.

Signed in January 2017, Laith rarely featured on NXT television. She featured in last year's Mae Young Classic, putting in a particularly strong performance against Jazzy Gabert in the first round, before taking a quarter-final elimination to Mercedes Martinez. She's still to announce her next move, but a return to the independent circuit seems likely.

Laith may not be this week's only Performance Center departure. According to WWE insider Casey Michael, who has a proven track record when it comes to developmental stories, Sage Beckett and Chinese wrestler Ming have also been released, and the injured Demitrius Bronson may soon join them.

Beckett had recently transitioned to a managerial role, and there had been talk of developing her as a commentator. Sadly, it sounds like neither worked out.

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