Adam Cole Fired From The Bullet Club. Is He WWE Bound?

One of Ring of Honor's top stars was literally kicked out at War of the Worlds.

Jay Lethal Adam Cole

On Friday, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling presented War of the Worlds, a joint PPV venture featuring a collection of the top talent from each promotion. Emanating from New York's Hammerstein Ballroom, the supershow provided all the premier action to be expected from the two organizations most known for quality work inside the ring.

Perhaps the most newsworthy moment from the event wasn't an actual match or result, but rather the potential send-off of one of ROH's top stars. Adam Cole had gone public with the news that his contract would be expiring soon, and it's been widely speculated that WWE will be his next destination.

In an interview with ESPN, the three-time ROH champion professed his appreciation of NXT and surprisngly admitted he'd rather begin there than the main roster should he sign with Vince McMahon's company.

In the co-main event of the card, the massively talented Cole lost to NJPW's equally gifted Hiroshi Tanahashi in an outstanding match. Upon conclusion, Adam's fellow Bullet Club brethren The Young Bucks joined him in the ring and embraced him. Suddenly BC leader Kenny Omega materialized on the big screen to congratulate Cole on his big moment, apologising for not being there in person to support him. In a shock twist, ROH TV champion Marty Scurll then appeared alongside Omega to "fire" Adam from The Bullet Club.

The arena blacked out, and when the house lights rose again Scurll was in the ring with Cole and The Bucks. He opened his umbrella, revealing The Bullet Club logo, cueing Nick and Matt Jackson to welcome Adam Cole to their signature superkick party. The three taunted the fallen former champion while celebrating the Club's newest member.

It's been reported that every wrestling company in existence is competing for Adam Cole's services, with WWE and NJPW as the top options. Since this came across as a write-off, it doesn't appear as though he'll be remaining with Ring of Honor.

After a brief lull caused by a mass exodus of talent, NXT's recent resurgence means now would be the ideal time for Cole to report to Florida. However the money and freedom many performers are granted in Japan makes it a similarly alluring option.

We'll keep you posted when more news regarding wrestling's hottest free agent becomes available.


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