Aero Star Survives Horrific Lucha Libre Bump After Dive Gone Wrong

The high-flying star lost his mind on a recent AAA show.

AeroStar Dive

AAA's Verano De Escandalo show made headlines for its Tag Team Championship match last weekend, with the Lucha Brothers unseating the Young Bucks in a big AEW Double Or Nothing rematch.

For many fans, the other major talking point surrounding the show came from Aero Star, who once again leapt from the promotion's lighting rig in a death-defying stunt. Unfortunately, things came within a hair of going very, very wrong for a luchdore who is no stranger to such stunts.

Aero Star was teaming with Pagano and Puma King to face Chessman, Killer Kross, and Monster Clown. His intended targets couldn't catch the reckless fall. One crumpled beneath him, and this resulting in the 34-year-old falling head-first onto the floor.

The bump looks like it could have killed him, but it looks like Aero Star is okay. Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that while the high-flyer suffered a concussion, he's going to be fine, and was even laughing and joking about his fall at a bar after Verano De Escandalo.

An exciting, innovative luchadore, Aero Star doesn't need to do things like this to wow the audience. Here's hoping he avoids such bumps in the future.

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