AEW Double Or Nothing: 8 Matches We Want To See

It's OK to dream big, right?

AEW Double Or Nothing
All Elite Wrestling

One could be forgiven for thinking all that pyro at the AEW Double Or Nothing rally was borrowed from a failed tilt at the NFL Playoffs by Shahid and Tony Khan's Jacksonville Jaguars. It was stunning to see, and there were fireworks of a different kind elsewhere when the likes of PAC and Chris Jericho pledged their allegiance to the All Elite cause.

Somewhere, Vince McMahon must have been mumbling under his breath in between sips of his protein shake. Jericho, it seems, has decided to play maverick once more and commit his immediate future to a project the WWE patriarch has nothing to do with. Y2J will wrestle at AEW's first show in Las Vegas on 25 May.

Against who though? That's the big question on fans' lips post-press conference.

It's important to note that exactly zero matches have officially been announced for Double Or Nothing at the MGM Grand. Therefore, before Cody and the boys put some out there, we've decided to play a little game of fantasy booking and quasi-predict/whip up some dream scenarios that could or should happen in May.

Not all of them are possible, obviously, but this is just for fun...


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