AEW Dynamite Wins CLOSEST EVER Wednesday Night Ratings Battle With NXT

Just 6,000 viewers separate the shows...

Chris Jericho
Lee South/AEW

Wednesday's AEW Dynamite defeated NXT in the tenth week of an increasingly capitaviating ratings war, but the gap between the two shows was the narrowest yet.

Breaking NXT's two-week winning streak, Dynamite registered 851,000 against 845,000 for the black-and-gold brand. A previous gap of 9,000 also fell below industry experts' 10,000 margin for error, suggesting that the brands are closer now than at any other point since both went head-to-head in October. Yet again though, the total view-counts only tell half the story.

Showbuzz Daily had all the facts and figures as usual, and as noted in the below tweet from David Bixenspan, the ever-changing demographic breakdowns made for fascinating reading. All of the age brackets followed form, but the gaps between the brands have narrowed along with overall viewerships.

The 1.7m total viewers figure remains one of the highest so far, and AEW in particular should be thrilled to see their numbers return to a more stable condition after a notable drop for last week's show. NXT's 810,000 to 663,000 victory triggered worry for the nascent brand amongst some, but hopes that this was due to Thanksgiving appear to have been somewhat confirmed by this week's surge.

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