AEW Title To Be Based On Classic Mid South Design?

Brandi Rhodes teases the belt on the latest Road To Double Or Nothing.

Brandi Rhodes AEW Title

There are still dozens upon dozens of bridges to be crossed before All Elite Wrestling is close to ready for its full launch, one of which being the promotion's top championship, which has barely even been hinted at yet - let alone announced.

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes has now dropped the first major tease on the latest episode of Road To Double Or Nothing.

In a phone conversation with designer Dave Millican, 'The Ace Of Belts,' Brandi purported to be calling on behalf of Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes to see how "things are coming along with the title." Millican responded that everything was going well, and Brandi said that AEW hoped the belt would be as big as the infamously huge Mid-South Wrestling North American Heavyweight Championship, all while holding what looked like a picture of the long-defunct strap.

Said belt was held by all manner of wrestling legends in the '60s, '70s, and '80s, from Danny Hodge and Dusty Rhodes to Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts. Harking back to it makes sense for Cody, a renowned wrestling historian, though we're still a while away from a full unveiling.

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