AEW To Make Huge Move For WWE's AJ Styles?

The former WWE Champion's contract expires later this year.

AJ Styles AEW

Yesterday brought news that the emergence of All Elite Wrestling has turned many a disenfranchised WWE talent's head, with several considering talking to the upstart promotion towards the end of their current contracts. Now, it looks like AEW are targeting one of the biggest names in the game.

It is anticipated that Cody and The Young Bucks will actively pursue former WWE Champion AJ Styles when his deal expires latest this year, with the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer claiming they'll offer 'The Phenomenal One' similar terms to those that Daniel Bryan enjoys in WWE.

November 2018 brought news that Styles was negotiating a new WWE contract with fewer dates. He's yet to re-sign with the company, and Meltzer notes that he may be tempted by the reduced AEW schedule, even though it's yet to be determined.

As one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, AJ would obviously be a huge get for All Elite. He has history working with the Bucks as part of Bullet Club, and would give their company their second major star after Chris Jericho's signing, though it'd still be a huge surprise to see Styles walk away from the biggest stage in the world.

Mark this one down as speculation for now, but keep an eye on it. Anything is possible in this chaotic labour market.

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