AJ Styles To Make WWE Raw Switch?

WWE Champ slated for red brand post-WrestleMania.

AJ Styles Raw

As per Dave Meltzer speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, it's looking increasingly likely that current WWE champion AJ Styles could be set to switch his shifts to Monday nights after WrestleMania 34.

According to the journalist, the feeling backstage in WWE is that Styles has pretty much exhausted all his available opponents over on SmackDown, and a move to the red brand could be just the tonic he needs to freshen him up. It's believed that if the Phenomenal One does make the move, a high-profile replacement will be shipped off to Tuesdays.

The report carries several possible implications for AJ's future with the WWE Title. He could take the belt to Raw after WrestleMania, but with Roman Reigns almost guaranteed to become the new Universal Champion - and Raw the de facto flagship show - it's unlikely the company will want another headline title undermining the red strap. That all points to AJ dropping his belt in advance of any switch, then - if this supposed move is on the cards, anyway.

SmackDown's declining ratings with AJ at the helm probably haven't escaped higher-ups' notice either, and this could be a case of the champ being scapegoated for a product that has dropped dramatically since the failed Jinder Mahal experiment began. As the blue show decreases in relevance, a move for AJ to tussle for the company's current top title perhaps wouldn't be the worst thing.

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