AJ Styles Vs. Jinder Mahal Confirmed For WWE Clash Of Champions 2017

'The Maharaja' gets his rematch on December 17th.

AJ Styles Jinder Mahal Clash Of Champions

Jinder Mahal will receive his WWE Championship rematch on the final pay-per-view of 2017, as confirmed on last night's SmackDown.

The booking materialised when AJ Styles cut a mid-show promo challenging 'The Maharaja' to an immediate rematch. Mahal wasn't there, though: he appeared on the screen, claimed he was too busy to face Styles, and traded verbal barbs with the man who took his title just 14 days ago.

Mahal then said he'd be exercising his rematch clash at December 17th's Clash Of Champions event, prompting an assault from the Singh Brothers, who tried to lay Styles out. The WWE Champion fought them off with ease, however, and stood tall after putting Sunil down with a Styles Clash.

AJ's November 7th title win was met with jubilation, as it meant the end of one of the most widely criticised WWE Championship reigns in recent history. Mahal held the belt for close to six months, but while there was talk he'd win it back when WWE head to his native India in early December, he's now set to face Triple H on the tour.

This is the only Clash Of Champions match to be announced thus far.

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