Alexa Bliss Reveals When She Found Out She Was Moving To Raw

Plus the reunion with her best friend and the chance to work with her mentor again.

Alexa Bliss Raw

As rumors broke that many of the roster changes made during this past week's Superstar Shake-Up were decided on at the last minute, the newest star of the Raw women's roster has confirmed that, for her at least, there's validity to the reports.

Alexa Bliss left a SmackDown show where she was a two-time champion and the focal point of the division for the uncharted waters of the flagship brand where she'll be starting from scratch trying to reestablish herself as a superstar on par with the likes of Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Bliss revealed that she wasn't informed of her roster change until that Monday morning:

“I found out pretty much that morning. The night before we got travel, and were going to be able to travel where Raw was. I wasn’t sure if they were bringing people in to kind of throw us off or if we were actually being drafted to Raw.It was really cool, because I’ve done a lot on SmackDown and now it gives me the opportunity to see what now I can do on Raw.”

Alexa said she felt like the new kid in school, focused on "making a good impression". She credits Raw women's champion Bayley as someone who helped her tremendously in her career, serving as a mentor during their time in NXT. She adds that some of her best matches were with 'The Hugger', and that she's excited to see what happens if the two are able to work a program together, which is an absolute inevitability.

Bliss also confirmed that she's real life best friends with former roommate Nia Jax, adding "it's awesome" that the two are now on the same brand together. Nia is also someone she'd like to be aligned with in a TV storyline, with Alexa being the mouth of the pair and Jax backing her up - something she calls an accurate reflection of their actual friendship.

It's also worth noting the reports - admittedly little more than speculation - that there was alleged heat between Alexa and Sasha Banks in the past, so if there's legitimate tension it could enhance the eventual confrontations between the two.

The Charlotte/Alexa swap is one of the most logical of all the moves made in the Superstar Shake-Up, giving both women a chance to establish themselves on a new brand, avoiding the risks of growing stale that each were facing on their previous home shows.


Are you glad to see Alexa become a member of the Raw roster? Or do you think it's the wrong move for the former SmackDown Women's champ? Let us know in the comments below!

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