Are Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Secretly Married?

The lovers were shown wearing wedding bands on television and social media this week...

Dean Ambrose The Miz Maryse

During an interview with Vegas Seven this past March, WWE's own Renee Young revealed that she has received numerous death threats from crazed Dean Ambrose fans jealous of her relationship with the current Intercontinental Champion.

It's hardly surprising then that Renee and Dean would want to keep details of their romance a secret; in the age of social media, the idea of celebrities keeping things private has largely become a thing of the past, and the union between Young and Ambrose is seemingly no different.

One Twitter user spotted a wedding band on Dean's left ring finger, and the ring was clearly visible during Ambrose's promo segment alongside The Miz and Maryse on Raw.

Dean Ambrose

Less than 24 hours later, Renee's Snapchat account posted another picture that appeared to show both an engagement and wedding band.

Renee Young Snapchat

Things didn't stop there; rightly or wrongly, enthusiastic (for lack of a better word) Ambrose fans then claimed to find a marriage certificate from October, 2016 that ties both Dean (real name: Jonathan Good) and Renee (Renee Paquette) together as man and wife.

The document can be viewed below, but it's important to note that these images could easily have been created or doctored by fans.

Due to the admission of death threats from Young, it'd hardly be surprising if the lovebirds elected not to share their marriage with the world at all late last year, but it does seem like they have tied the knot away from the WWE bubble.

Dean Ambrose Renee Young Marriage Certificate

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