Are WWE Officials Pushing For Rey Mysterio To Retire?

As yet another surgery faces the masked marvel known as Rey Mysterio the rumour mill has kicked in to action and according…

Matt Aspin


rey mysterio

As yet another surgery faces the masked marvel known as Rey Mysterio the rumour mill has kicked in to action and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this could spell the end once and for all for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Mysterio’s career – which started at the age of 14 – has been plagued by injury ever since his days as a top Cruiserweight in WCW, a downside to the type of style he wrestles. In recent years he has become somewhat more grounded with his ring work but has still pulled off high risk manoeuvres whenever possible perhaps further aggravating his list of nagging injuries.

On Monday last week Rey posted the following on his Twitter account:

Rey Mysterio TweetThis will be his 3rd major surgery in 6 six years following operations on his knees in 2006 and again in 2011 as well as Wellness Policy violations and other injuries including concussion all of which have stunted his various pushes.

At 38 years of age he’s no old timer but for a high flyer it’s obvious he wont be able to keep up the Lucha Libre style antics forever. In fact WWE has been planning for his departure for several years trying to find the next Rey Mysterio to a) corner the Latino market and b) fill the gap in merchandise sales the company would lose if the extremely popular wrestler were to retire.

His latest injury (now confirmed as an ACL tear) will mean Mysterio misses out on yet another Wrestlemania and any hopes of a dream match with Sin Cara are a distant memory. As a result officials behind the scenes have been meeting with him to discuss whether he will be able to return at all never mind “In a while” as suggested in a later Tweet.

Mysterio has accomplished far more than anyone would have ever expected him to since leaving the sinking ship of WCW and joining WWE including winning the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE championship and the Royal Rumble and so there would be no shame in calling it a day.

The clock may be ticking on Rey Mysterio’s 24 year career. His future is in the hands of the surgeons who continue to fix his broken and battered body. As a wrestler he may have overcome adversity time and time again but this time he may have met an opponent he just can’t beat.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.