Backstage News On Sasha Banks Training In Japan

The Boss has a taken a trip to the Far East to train with the Sendai Girls.

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In some interesting news, Sasha Banks' recent trip to Japan was something not arranged by WWE officials.

Twitter user STRIGGA revealed the news, as you’ll find below.

While we knew that Sasha had flown out to Japan, it was presumed that this was all under the WWE’s watch as part of their recent Japanese tour. Instead, this latest information reveals that the Boss took it upon herself to head out to the Far East.

Considering the rumblings of how unhappy Banks was reported to be after dropping the Women’s Tag Team Championships to The IIconics at WrestleMania 35 – which was the last time Sasha was seen on WWE programming – hearing that the multiple-time Women’s Champion took this trip out of her own pocket and without WWE supervision most certainly suggests she’s serious about making sure her in-ring work is up to scratch ahead of her impending WWE return.

Banks has shown before that she can be one of the very best wrestlers in the business when in her stride, and implementing elements of traditional Japanese style wrestling could be a welcome addition to a moveset and in-ring style that hasn't particularly been freshened up since Sasha debuted on the main roster back in 2015.

Looking at the landscape of WWE right now, a heel Sasha returning to battle Becky Lynch is something many fans would love to see. Then again, Sasha’s BFF Bayley is the current SmackDown Women’s Champ, which in turn offers up the renewal of that long-standing rivalry. Either way, many are tipping The Boss to make an appearance at this Sunday's Extreme Rules PPV.

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