Backstage Update On WWE's Current "Inactive" List

New report brings insider info on WWE's walking wounded.

AJ Styles Alexa Bliss

Fightful have got hold of information concerning WWE's internal "inactive" list, shedding new light on a number of injury situations within the company.

The most notable detail surrounds AJ Styles. A few months ago, Dave Meltzer reported that 'The Phenomenal One' had been suffering from a hernia, leading to AJ "debunking" the story himself on Twitter. Many speculated that the internal "injury list" that Meltzer cited in this report didn't exist, though Fightful's findings prove it does.

It notes more than injuries, though, and focuses on any talent that isn't available for television on that specific week. The latest one features Alexa Bliss, who is currently suffering from an illness, as well as Naomi, The Usos, and Finn Balor, who are all on vacation.

The report also contains estimated return dates, status updates, and a lengthy "no contact" list featuring the likes of Paige. On top of this, the absent Ronda Rousey's name is nowhere to be found.

One can only imagine that the list reads like an airport novella, given that it features inactive talents like Scott Hall, who hasn't been a full-time television performer in a long, long time.

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