Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks To Fight For First Draft Pick On WWE Raw

The winner's brand will get first dibs in the second round of this year's Draft.

Becky Lynch Sasha Banks

Just eight days after their feud appeared to have culminated inside Hell In A Cell, WWE Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch and former Number One Contender Sasha Banks will be back at it, this time with almost as valuable implications as the strap slung over Lynch's shoulder.

As Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns did to kick off Friday's SmackDown, the duo will go to war one last time to confirm which side gets the first choice of talent as the Draft continues. With both Women already selected, they'll be working directly for their brand rather than potentially competing to see themselves shipped elsewhere.

The selection pool for Monday Night's show is intriguing, with arguably more stars and certainly more championships included with fates still to be decided. The Universal, WWE World Heavyweight, SmackDown Women's, Intercontinental, Raw Tag Team, Women's Tag Team and 24/7 titleholders are all still in the hat for either brand to choose, despite the brand-exclusive belts theoretically (and most likely) locking them down accordingly.

A potential ratings-winner whilst there's still a small amount of juice left in the fruit, expect the match to kick the episode off in order to set the wheels in motion for the remainder of the Draft itself.

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