Becky Lynch To Miss WWE TLC 2018 Through Injury?

Concerns arise over 'The Man's' condition ahead of 16 December pay-per-view.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka might be one of the upcoming WWE TLC 2018 pay-per-view's most hyped matches, but the current SmackDown Women's Champion's injury status remains questionable.

Dave Meltzer wrote in yesterday's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that while 'The Man' has been cleared to compete from her concussion, the same can't be said for her nasal fracture, for which Lynch is still to receive the okay.

Despite this, Becky did step into the ring for a tag match on Tuesday's Tribute To The Troops show:-

Lynch reportedly scored the match-winning submission. Her bout was advertised a week in advance, and the above tweet does seem to counter Meltzer's report, but there's no word on how long Becky actually spent in the ring. She could have conceivably spent the whole match on the apron, only tagging in for the Disarmher, thus completing the bout without taking a simple bump; realistic, even if she has only been cleared for one part of her injury.

The concussion clearance is key, as such afflictions can keep wrestlers sidelined for months. The nasal fracture is significantly less severe, but while missing TLC looks unlikely, it's certainly a possibility.

Let's hope Meltzer got this one wrong. If not: thanks again, Nia Jax!

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