Big Show Vs. Shaq Set For WrestleMania 33

Hopefully Shaquille O'Neal still remembers some Shaq Fu for this massive showdown.

Big Show Shaq

Last night's ESPY Awards not only gave us a big dose of wrestling with John Cena hosting the show, but it also finally confirmed a match between The Big Show and Shaquille O'Neal that has been teased for years.

In 2009, Shaq was the guest host of Monday Night Raw, and went face-to-face with the Big Show. He ended up knocking the giant down with a clothesline. At this year's WrestleMania, the two battled it out once again, causing each other to get eliminated from the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at the same time.

Round three now looks set to go down at WrestleMania 33. As Show and Shaq were walking the red carpet to the ESPY's, they had a brief confrontation. A match was proposed, and Show asked if the former basketball star was serious. He replied that he is. The two then hugged, and Big Show told Shaq he loved him...which may be one of the oddest ways to begin promoting a fight that we've ever seen in wrestling.

Shaq is a longtime wrestling fan, and has a few appearances over the years in multiple promotions. He was in Hulk Hogan's corner at Bash at the Beach 94, and even made a TNA cameo with The Hulkster during his run there. Big Show vs. Shaq will likely be a terrible match, but it should make Show vs. Akebono look like Flair vs. Steamboat. It will also give WWE some of the Mania mainstream publicity that they always seek.

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