Bobby Lashley Returns & Makes Out With Lana On WWE Raw

Rusev became WWE Raw's latest victim of cuckoldry last night.

Bobby Lashley Lana

Bobby Lashley mounted an ahead-of-schedule return to WWE Raw last night - and nobody could have predicted the way the writers would choose to bring him back.

Rusev, who recently mounted his own WWE comeback, was quizzed on the whereabouts of his wife, Lana, earlier in the evening, offering only a deflated look in response. This led to a double-return angle in his main event against Universal Champion Seth Rollins, with Lashley's music provoking the distraction and Lana's drawing an even bigger one. Then, to Rusev's dismay and the audience's bemusement, they locked lips at the top of the ramp.

The full interruption can be viewed below:-

Lashley, that rascal, has since posted the following reaction:-

And not that it really matters, but Rusev vs. Rollins went to a no-contest when The Fiend destroyed the Universal Champion. Nobody's talking about that, though. Lashley and Lana owns all the headlines, and for good reason: where the hell did this come from?!

A more pertinent question might be "what did poor Rusev do to deserve such an angle?". It's an odd one for sure, but at least 'The Bulgarian Brute' has fellow cuckoldry victim Mike Kanellis to console with.

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