Booker T Lashes Out At Matt Riddle; The King Of Bros Responds

The two-time Hall of Famer says Riddle needs to needs to "work on his game and work on it very hard".

Matt Riddle

Hot on the heels of Matt Riddle’s recent digs at Bill Goldberg, Booker T has taken to his Reality of Wrestling podcast to hit back at NXT’s uber-popular Bro.

For those unaware, Riddle took to his social media channels to take a dig at Goldberg before, during, and after WWE’s Super ShowDown event; Goldberg’s awful match against The Undertaker only giving Riddle further ammunition in his quest to mock the WCW icon’s in-ring ability.

Booker T is somebody who was in WCW for the duration of Goldberg’s four-year run – heck, Booker himself was with Ted Turner’s rasslin’ company from 1993 until it closed its doors in 2001 – and he’s now used his podcast platform to take a swipe at Riddle and his ring work.

As the two-time WWE Hall of Famer put it, “I was listening to Matt Riddle talk about Goldberg. I got a chance to watch Matt Riddle work. This guy needs a lot of work. You talk about somebody that needs to work on their craft? This Matt Riddle needs to work on his craft – and that’s coming from Booker T.”

Booker would go on to extend an invite for Riddle to visit the Texas native’s own Reality of Wrestling school: “I wish Matt Riddle would come down to my school and get a first-class Wrestling 101 training. Before Matt Riddle starts talking about anybody, Matt Riddle needs to work on his game and work on it very hard.”

For his part, Riddle himself has already taken to Twitter to reference Booker’s comments.

Knowing how The King of Bros isn’t afraid to pull any punches, it remains to see what further interaction comes of all of this.

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