Booker T To Return To WWE Raw Commentary Desk Next Week

Is The Coach's time up already?

Booker T

Booker T will replace Jonathan Coachman on the Monday Night Raw commentary desk next week in St Louis.

The WWE Hall of Famer was removed from his announcing role earlier this year after Coachman returned to the company following a stint working for ESPN. However, he told a Houston radio station on Friday morning that he would be pulling on his headset again on 23 April.

The Coach, whose performances at ringside have been negatively received by some sections of the audience, was left red-faced on Twitter after expressing surprise when a user asked him if he would be appearing on next week's show. An hour later - after presumably getting a call from his bosses - he confirmed to fans that it was indeed true.

Despite this, he has moved to quash speculation that his position within the company is under any immediate threat, stating that he was "shocked at people thinking if... you miss one show that you are gone for good". He also insisted that he would be back for the following week's broadcast, on 30 April, from Montreal.

Wrestling fans being wrestling fans, all of this is likely to fall on deaf ears, and it is undeniably a little odd that Coachman seems to have been the last man in the company to discover their plans. You would think it reasonable that he be given more than a couple of months to acclimatise to his new role before being dumped, though.

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