Bret Hart Quiz: How Well Do You Know 'The Hitman'?

For sharp shooters only.

Widely considered to be one of the greatest in-ring technicians of all time, Bret Hart's legacy has gone down in positive light. While he's been linked to some of the most infamously bad moments in wrestling history and omnipresent anytime the word "screwjob" is involved, that pure professional wrestling talent always carried him throughout his career.

Not only did 'The Hitman''s talent carry his own career, but it also helped to carry just about every single wrestler on the roster during the '90s to a great match. Seriously, finding a bad Bret Hart match is like finding a 15 foot diamond sticking out of a mountain - it's not going to happen.

While this unfathomable talent within the squared circle wasn't always being put to good use, Hart was usually involved with one of the more interesting storylines on whatever card he showed up on (again, because he was really good). When you wrestle high profile as often as Bret did, you're bound to come across some interesting trivia points eventually. So, to anyone who believes themselves to be the absolute biggest of the Bret Hart fans, we have just one request:

Prove it.

1. Who Did Bret Hart Co-Win The 1994 Royal Rumble With?


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