Brock Lesnar Reportedly Signed For Two More WWE Appearances

Beast will defend Universal title at least once!

Brock Lesnar Universal Champion Crown Jewel

WWE's Universal Championship is set to re-enter a state of effective abeyance back round the waist of Brock Lesnar, with the new champ reportedly scheduled for just two dates with the company.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio following WWE Crown Jewel, Dave Meltzer noted that the new two-time Universal champ is currently only listed for a couple of shows with the company: November's Survivor Series clash with AJ Styles, and one of either next year's Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 35.

All this adds up to mean we can probably wave bye-bye to the red strap once more for the time being.

Lesnar claimed the vacant Universal Title last night after completely demolishing Braun Strowman, hitting his opponent with six F5s and grabbing the pin in just three minutes. According to Meltzer, having Strowman kick out of Lesnar's finisher multiple times was supposedly designed to make him look strong. Instead, it came off like a squash.

WWE's decision to put the title back on Brock has raised a few eyebrows, what with the new champion's supposedly imminent MMA return. It's also quite peculiar given the company spent much of the year running Brock down as a stay-away superstar - though obviously the terrible circumstances surrounding Roman Reigns vacating the title could not have been foreseen.

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