Brock Lesnar's WWE SummerSlam Matches: Ranked From Worst To Best

8. Randy Orton (2016)


Hurt by a complete lack of build up, and with nothing at stake, Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton was never going to set the world alight. However, knowing the talents of both men involved, fans were at least hoping for an explosive, entertaining affair. Unfortunately, that’s not what they got.

The action was far from terrible but it never felt deserving of the main event slot at one of WWE’s biggest PPVs. As expected, Orton struggled to gain any real advantage as he was thrown around the ring in what was becoming a familiar sight in a Lesnar match. This lack of drama made it hard to engage in a battle that fans didn't particularly want to see in the first place.

Worse still was the nature of the finish which saw Lesnar crack open Orton’s skull after hitting him repeatedly with his elbow. The Viper bled profusely and even incurred a concussion putting him out of action for a few weeks. The cold, unnecessarily violent end to SummerSlam 2016 left a bitter taste making it very difficult for anyone to look back on this match favourably.


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